Our Bell at Christ Church Bayfield Is Ringing Again

I am so thankful that our bell at Christ Church Bayfield is ringing again thanks to an extremely generous gift of one of my closest friends, memorial donations in memory of Mort Cushman, and the labor of the parish family at Christ Church.

Yesterday, a new programmable church bell ringer installation was completed that will ring the bell on a regular daily schedule and the Angelus twice daily at 12 Noon and 6 PM. The rope wheel was severely damaged by age and the elements and was no longer safe to ring, and the physical demands of manually ringing the bell are more challenging to an aging congregation. Additionally, the harsh winter climate made getting to the tower a near impossibility and dangerous to say the least!

As I prepare to leave Christ Church, I hope this legacy and gift will remind my beloved parishioners to pray regularly and to heed the call of God to love, service, and worship!

Our bell dates from 1883, and a picture that was taken during installation is shown above. I am so grateful to God, my dear friend, and our generous laborer for helping us to be able to witness to God and ring out His praises daily. As the bell inscription reads, “my tongue shall speak of Thy praise”. Amen!!

May God richly reward our very generous benefactors, folks who donated, the installer, and the people of the church and community who respond to the bell’s call to worship and praise God!

The installation kit is from a gentleman who seeks nothing else than to restore church bell ringing as a ministry, and is cost effective and unique. Our hope is that all bells will ring regularly to the glory of God!
— Ftr Michael Newago, OSF