Fr. Michael Newago Accepts New Call


Sunday, July 23, will be his last day serving Christ Church in Bayfield and St. Andrew's Church in Ashland. 

I and my family want to officially announce that I have accepted a call to serve as Priest-in-Charge at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Havana, IL, and the Episcopal Diocese of Springfield as Mission Strategy Developer.

This is a position in ministry that I have jealously sought, and we are humbly and graciously grateful for God’s manifold mercy. We plan to depart Wisconsin during the last week of July and arrive a few days later to assume the post by August 1st. 

I implore your prayers, best wishes, and gracious assistance as we transition to this new call in our lives. The folks at St. Barnabas are wonderful and caring folks, as is the Bishop and diocese that we are becoming part of, and know that we will be well-cared for and in the best position that we could ever ask God for in service to His church and people.

Our separation from our hometowns of Ashland and Bayfield will be difficult and painful, no doubt, but we ask for prayer because that will assist in bringing about God’s mercy, compassion, and will in a difficult and trying period of time.

Much thanks is due for this call especially to Bishop Jay Lambert, Claire Fliess, Ron and Jeanette Davis, and Bishop Dan Martins, and particularly Fr. Steven Peay and the excellent faculty and staff of Nashotah House who have supported, guided, and formed us in the way of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Karen, Chloe, and I covet your most earnest prayers during this time of preparation and movement, as well as those for the future cure of Christ Church Bayfield and St. Andrew’s Ashland, WI. Let our prayer be simply that God be glorified in all things, and by our simple and obedient action to His mighty will!!!
— Fr. Michael Newago