Christ Church Sunday Services Temporarily Switch to 1 pm on February 19


Message From The Rev. Michael Newago, O.S.F.

 The Rev. Michael Newago, O.S.F.

The Rev. Michael Newago, O.S.F.

Beloved: as of February 19th, I have agreed to become supply clergy at St. Andrew's in Ashland until the first week of May 2017, and will continue to serve at Christ Church in Bayfield also.

Services at St. Andrew's will continue to remain at 10:00am followed by coffee hour.

Christ Church Bayfield will move temporarily to 1:00 pm followed by afternoon tea and fellowship.

I covet your prayers for both churches as we transition to this new schedule and ask for the patience and consideration of both parishes as we move forward and serve God and each other with determination and intention!

My office hours will remain in Bayfield for the present with continued pastoral care for the folks in Ashland as well at any time and by appointment as requested.

God is faithful and will be with us during this new and exciting time!